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Ultrasonic flowmeters FLOWSONIC type FS300 - „clamp on“ (New!)

Transmiter type FS300
Configuration       Menus in Bulgarian and English
Material       PVDF
Protection       IP65
Display       2-line 16-character LCD
Archive       Hourly, daily, monthly, annual, data logger
Communication       Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
Input / Output      Analog 4, Digital 4
Power supply      100-240V DC/20-29V AC/DC,
  buffer, with an integrated battery (optional)
Approvals      CE

Sensors type FS003
Fluids       Conductive and nonconductive liquids
Material       Aluminium
Material of the pipes       Metal and non-metallic
Diameters       50 ÷ 2000 mm
Relative error       < 1,5%
Protection       IP68

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