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About As

The company SONICS Ltd. was established in 1992.

The company's activity is focused on the design, development, production, installation and servicing of ultrasonic flowmeters, level meters, electronic devices and automation systems. More than 29 years the company employs highly skilled engineers mainly in the field of ultrasonic measurements and their application to the specifics of the technological processes of our customers. Our experts manage to find the optimal solution according to the individual requirements of each client. We offer our clients not only end products, but also complete solutions related to measurement and remote reading on information through the cable network, radio and GSM communications.
Besides delivery, we also provide engineering including: technical and software resources; installation of the equipment; training for work with the products; warranty and post-warranty service. To our customers we offer subscription technical support in the shortest possible time to the entire production range we sell.
The development and production of the devices and systems offered by SONICS is based on the use of modern technologies. The main objective of the company's quality policy is to produce and offer only quality and competitive products and services. In this connection, the company has developed and implemented a quality management system BDS EN ISO 9001, which has been successfully operating for 21 years.
Most of the measuring instruments we offer are of an approved type and are listed in the State Register of Permitted for Use in the Country measuring instruments.
Appliances made in the company are subjected to both functional and metrological verification and are accompanied by the relevant protocol with data of calibration (working range, calibration constants, uncertainty, etc.).

Company SONICS Ltd. has a base for the development, production and service in Burgas.